Las Vegas Pickleball League – Season 1 Wrap-up

Recently we completed our first regular season of the Las Vegas Pickleball League, the Largest Pickleball League in the world, hosting the biggest kick-off event ever with sixteen teams at six different venues. Siena had the best record at 6-1. Final results of the league are listed on the website.

None of this was possible without a small army of workers and volunteers, including:

* The Las Vegas Pickleball League team captains
* The Merit Sportsmanship Award winners (listed on the website)
* The USAPA.ORG and Local Ambassadors
* The City of Henderson and Las Vegas Parks and Recreation Departments
* The Plaza, Bally’s, Darling Tennis Center and Sun City communities

As stated on the league website, the National Pickleball League Championship, originally planned for April, is being rescheduled for December, 2017 because teams had conflicts with Easter weekend. A separate notice on the December event will be sent out shortly.

As always, the goal of the League is to provide fun, competitive, and social Pickleball play for all ages and skill levels. So if you love to play Pickleball and want to socialize with other Pickleball enthusiasts, start or join a Pickleball league. Ultimately, leagues will help contribute to the exponential grow of Pickleball across the country and around the world. – contributed by Rick Johnson

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