Boulder City Mix-up/Fix-up Day 2

Day 2 was action packed and oh so close! Roger Hall, Director of Boulder City Parks and Recreation Department, was there to hand out the awards. Mr. Hall is looking to host more Pickleball tournaments this summer. Super fun and a great day of playing Pickleball!!!

Group A Awards:
Rick Johnson, 93 points, 1st Place
Lou Boisvert, 92 points, tied for 2nd Place
Mario Najera, 92 points, tied for 2nd place
Isaac Johnson, 85 points, 3rd Place

Group B Awards:
Bryan Shoup, 96 points, 1st Place
Grant Leslie, 93 points, 2nd Place
Duane Weed, 86 points, 3rd Place

See Annielynn’s link for more great tournament pictures

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