How to obtain a local pickleball skill rating


With pickleball exploding across the USAPA Southern Nevada district, many players have asked how to obtain a skill rating. A skill rating is needed for round robins, league play, as well as some local unsanctioned tournaments and club events.


To help fill the need we have implemented the "Las Vegas Metro Area Rating Committee". Committee members are 5 very experienced players who also have experience in rating players and include:


Steve Cole
Pete Bresciani
Mario Najera
Sally Dobson
Mike Dobson


Beginning immediately, the Rating Committee will be accepting rating requests for the following:

1. New players
2. Club players
3. Round robin players
4. League players
5. Non-sanctioned tournament players


Note: The committee will not be rating players that participate in sanctioned tournaments since these players are rated using the USAPA rating system.


The Rating Committee will follow the USAPA rating guidelines and definitions and will use the USAPA skill assessment worksheets. If you request to be rated, your play will be assessed over a 2 week period, at a minimum, prior to the official rating date. On the rating date your play will be evaluated by the entire committee.


During the evaluation session you will play with other players who have the same rating you are requesting to receive. Example, if you are a 3.0 and are requesting to move to 3.5, during your evaluation you will play with 3.5 players. The two-week review period, rating date and any prior pickleball experience will all be taken into account. The committee will complete its evaluation and you will receive notice of the decision via email.


The rating evaluation dates will be held 4 times per year. To sign up to be evaluated please complete the form below and include "Rating Request" in the Subject line. In the message please include your name, phone number, your current rating if you have one, the rating that you're requesting, as well as where you most often play. Once we have several rating requests, the rating committee will set a date for evaluation. 

Good luck and most importantly have fun!

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